About Eggs and Factory Farming

There are more than 300 million chickens that are used to produce eggs each year in factory farms, and the eggs in those factories are subject to rather painful, heartless treatment. Their beaks are removed, and they are left hungry and dehydrated because of the difficulty of taking in food and water after the procedure.

They are kept in tight battery cages, with up to ten hens per cage, and it is hard for them to stay clean. Birds that die are often left in the cages for prolonged periods.

Battery farming is banned in many countries, but it still happens in the USA, and this is a travesty. The treatment is cruel and birds endure it for up to two years, only to be slaughtered when their egg production drops.

If you don’t want to support this practice, then make sure you know where your eggs come from. Don’t buy battery produced eggs. Buy free range eggs from local organic farms. They may cost slightly more, but they should be more nutritious and better for you, and you will be able to enjoy them without guilt, because you know that the birds live a relatively normal and healthy life.