About Eggs and Factory Farming

There are more than 300 million chickens that are used to produce eggs each year in factory farms, and the eggs in those factories are subject to rather painful, heartless treatment. Their beaks are removed, and they are left hungry and dehydrated because of the difficulty of taking in food and water after the procedure.

They are kept in tight battery cages, with up to ten hens per cage, and it is hard for them to stay clean. Birds that die are often left in the cages for prolonged periods.

Battery farming is banned in many countries, but it still happens in the USA, and this is a travesty. The treatment is cruel and birds endure it for up to two years, only to be slaughtered when their egg production drops.

If you don’t want to support this practice, then make sure you know where your eggs come from. Don’t buy battery produced eggs. Buy free range eggs from local organic farms. They may cost slightly more, but they should be more nutritious and better for you, and you will be able to enjoy them without guilt, because you know that the birds live a relatively normal and healthy life.

Benefits Of Factory Farm Process For Eggs

Eggs are great, but how do they come about for those who don’t know or have never seen things unfold in front of them? It starts with the factory farm process. Let’s see what the benefits are of this factory farm process and why it’s used.

Maximization Of Egg Production

The purpose of going through this process is to ensure the eggs are coming out on a regular basis without delay. This is a must, and they pay attention to how long it takes for the eggs to be produced. Maximization of egg production is most important. We met with a gentleman that owns a blog called Cocoon Insulation and he said he raised chickens as a child, and he was in charge of counting the eggs and noting which chicken was up or down. That practice is still done today, but on a much larger scale.

Better Consistency

One of the major issues that can come up has to do with consistency, and that is resolved when it comes to the factory farm process. No other solution is going to make it as easy to do so than this. It ensures the eggs look and feel the same when the chickens are put through the rigors.

It is a simple process that can span two years for chickens who are going through it. They are fed with the right foods to make sure their egg production is sped up and then the benefits are seen.

I Am Certainly Aware Of What I Eat These Days

When I was younger, grabbing a dozen of eggs meant nothing more than heading to the local grocer and buying a carton that had the words “Extra Large” on the side. Now when I buy eggs, I give the process a bit more thought. It has been about two years since I started eating organic, cage-free eggs, and I am not sure if I will ever eat anything else. People always ask me if I notice a difference in the taste of the eggs I get now and the ones I used to buy. I can honestly say that I cannot.

One thing I can say is that I can eat my eggs without worrying about chickens being locked in small cages and treated terribly while they are producing eggs for my consumption. I know that this means that I have to pay more for my eggs, but I think that it is worth it. I know last summer I was paying nearly $6 per dozen. The price is lower at this point, but I know I would not mind paying it even if it was still as high as it was.

Howdy, and thanks for visiting!

Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Karen and I grew up on a farm. We had chickens, and lots of other animals, but I mostly connected with the chickens. I was feeding them at just 15 months old, and I’ve always loved them. Now that I’m older, I hear a lot about factory farms, and how bad eggs are, so I wanted to dig into this topic myself. I also wanted to learn how to blog, so this may not look pretty but it’s a start!

I found this domain and it reminded me of my Dad asking my Mom “how long to boil an egg?” It makes me smile thinking about it, so I decided to go with it.

Most people are going to sit down for breakfast and eat eggs, but there is a lot more to the process when it comes to getting them to you. It’s not just about watching an egg being laid and then moving forward from there. It is important to remember this.

The eggs are cultivated by setting up hatching spots that are conducive for the hens that are going to be laying them.

This is important because until this happens you are not going to get the eggs to come forward in the way you want. It has to be done at a rate that is easy on the mind, and it will happen when you go with the right farm.

It’s best to make sure you are going with a farm that uses humane process when going through the steps that are involved. Most do in this day and age because they are tested for it and don’t want to take chances with the authorities. Therefore, it is a good place to start.

It is recommended to understand this process and appreciate how long it takes for the eggs to be set up, collected, and then sent towards you as needed.

My son’s school teacher apparently wants to help out his entire class of students in their understanding eggs and the factory farm process. As such, he has scheduled a field trip for the class to go visit a farm and see first hand for themselves how it all works.

This has not been without controversy among some of the parents. Some of the vegan parents are horrified at the thought of their kids seeing clean and sterile representations of modern egg farming and production, whereas another vegan parent wants her kids to see what happens there.

Personally, I think a group of nine year olds are too young to be exposed to such deeply held personal, political, and ethical disagreements, but I do think my son should learn a little about farms. So, I want him to go. A little education now about how food is produced can be helpful to him later, and if he chooses the vegan route like his older sister, that is his decision to make later in life.

For now, I think he is so young that he honestly assumes eggs are made in the back of the grocery store.